1. All plans are the same in feature. The only difference is the data transfer limit.
  2. Click ‘buy now’ for payment choices.
  3. Auto renewal will be activated. You can cancel your subscription after your first purchase so there will be no more rebillings. (more info)
Medium (80Gib/month: Work and limited videos)
6.5 USD/month BUY NOW
26 USD/6 months Only 4.33$ a month! BUY NOW
45.5 USD/year Only 3.79$ a month! BUY NOW
Big (200Gib/month: Moderate videos)
9.5 USD/month BUY NOW
38 USD/6 months Only 6.33$ a month! BUY NOW
66.5 USD/year Only 5.54$ a month! BUY NOW
Bigger (400Gib/month: Should be enough)
17 USD/month BUY NOW
67 USD/6 months Only 11.17$ a month! BUY NOW
89 USD/year Only 7.42$ a month! BUY NOW

Is it safe to pay with credit card or paypal? Yes, we do not have access to your credit card or paypal information. you pay via, a trusted on-line payment handler.