Use OpenVPN on Windows Mobile phones

I tried lots of time to find an OpenVPN client for my Windows Mobile phone (Pocket PC) and this one really works.

Update: with Breakwall VPN, you don’t need to edit the config files any more. We have a openVPN config file generator for Windows Mobile! We are probably the only WM-friendly VPN service provider.

Updated instructions for Breakwall VPN users:

1. Download and unzip this file and then transfer the files to your phone:
2. Install the software in the following order:
a) b)DaGong c)Hosts.reg
3 Confirm the installation folder of OpenVPN. Mine is My Storage\Program Files\OpenVPN\
4 Edit the openVPN configuration files (ending with .ovpn) with a text editor like Notepad++.
5 Add full path to all .crt .key .txt file names inside the configuration files and separate folder names with double back slash \\. And put the file name with path inside quotation marks. For example, change
ca v10.crt to

ca “\\My Storage\\Program Files\\OpenVPN\\Config\\v10.crt”

change key xxx.key to

key “\\My Storage\\Program Files\\OpenVPN\\Config\\xxx.key”
6 delete

route-method exe
7. Copy the edited file to the Config folder of your OpenVPN installation folder in your cell phone.
8. Go back to “Today” desktop of your PPC. You will find a small screen icon on the bottom right. Click “utils” and then “setting”. Then you will find two “settings” inside. In the first one, uncheck “Try to ping servers on connect”. In the second “Settings” choose your internet connection. Finally Click “tap” and then click “tap device 1” and press “start”. You will get a message: “This adapter is already loaded”.
9. Click the little screen icon on the desktop –>Start from Config—>and click a server name.
10. A few seconds later, you will prompted “LAN discovered” and click OK. The little screen icon turns green.
11. Now you are connected to your OpenVPN server!

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