Android ICS 4.0 OpenVPN Made Easy!

By Roger Greenlee from Kunming, China

UPDATE (Fan Yi): for a step-by-step guidance of installing OpenvPN on android 4.0 with pictures (screenshots), click here.

First, I am so happy to have discovered Breakwall VPN service, I hope they stick around for a long time.

I have owned a Galaxy Nexus since January and have been waiting to find a consistent way to use a VPN on my phone over wifi and over China Unicom’s 3G (3G blocks PPTP connections and L2TP is not working on any ICS device that I have heard of). I am currently on a rooted phone with ICS 4.04, the rom I am using can be found here:

All that said, I am under the impression that this will work with any Android device with or without root.

I am happy to say that using Breakwall VPN and an android app called FeatVPN it was the simplest setup of an Android VPN ever and it solved every issue I was having with a VPN on my device, you’ll find the tutorial below:

1. On your desktop login to the breakwall OpenVPN Configuration Generator:
a. For OS select Mac/iPhone/iPad/Android
b. For server location, choose any one and only one.
c. for port select 443
d. Click Download
e. transfer the downloaded file to the sd card on your phone and go to step 2 which takes place on your phone

2. On your phone browser download and install FeatVPN Android ICS beta from here: (if you are not on ICS you can get their app from the Google Play Market)
Here is the direct link to the most recent beta:
a. open FeatVPN
b. (maybe optional) click on setup (this will run a test of some sort, not sure if needed or not)
c. exit the test when it finishes to go back to the main screen
d. when back at main screen of FeatVPN app click on Tunnels and then the “Add” button
e. scroll down to configuration and tap the “load” button
f. select the file you downloaded and transferred from Breakwall (if you get an error about more than one OVPN file go back to step (e) in part 1 and transfer again)
g. hit the back button and select the tunnel that you made (it should automatically be connecting at this point)
h. enter your Breakwall username and password
i. enjoy your OpenVPN connection on your Android with any connection!

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