Yingwa Shadowsocks client

Yingwa 1.4


Click here to download Yingwa 1.4

Easiest Shadowsocks Windows Client. You no longer need to setup the browser proxy. Just click Connect and then all browsers will be set.
Breakwall vpn users please use the Breakwall Client instead.

1. You can save multiple server configurations into the Profile dropdown.
2. System Proxy is automatically set and unset with connect & disconnect.

Yingwa is simply a shell over shadowsocks go and Privoxy .
Shadowsocks an invention by clowwindy.

Yingwa is written using autohotkeys. Check out its source code here:


最简单的 Shadowsocks Windows 客户端。无需再设置浏览器代理。点击Connect,所有浏览器都自动走Shadowsocks。

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