Spdyproxy for Chrome updated to 1.4

Spdyproxy for chrome updated! Now it comes with the following options:

1. Do not save password.
2. Tunnel all websites. By default, major websites in China are excluded. You can tick this option to change that.
3. Proxy settings after diconnect.
4. Exclusion (white) list. Enter domains of websites that you prefer not to use the proxy.
1) The white list supports wildcard “*”. eg. “abc*.net” will exclude “abca.net” and “abcb.net” …
2) Subdomains. By default all subdomains are excluded. eg: Enter “abc.net” will exclude “www.abc.net”, “aaa.abc.net”, “bbb.abc.net”, “aaa.bbb.abc.net”. Likewise if you enter “uk” and all domains ending with “.uk” will be excluded!

To prove if the exclusion list works, enter “iploca*.net” and click “save” then visit http://www.iplocation.net/ to see your IP. It will then show your real IP instead of the proxy’s IP.

Please contact me if you notice some bugs.

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