Which connection method should I choose?

Though we offer many connection methods for a good reason, it may confuse you when facing a list of choices.

VPN methods: PPTP, L2TP, Cisco IPsec, Cisco Anyconnect
Choose these when you want your breakwall connection work in all applications besides web browsers, e.g. FTP clients, downloading clients.
The bad: they may not work in some areas. You need to download a client software or set a connection manually on first use.

Shadowsocks proxy
Choose this one: 1) if you only want breakwall work inside browsers; 2) you want to watch high quality videos and/or faster download speed.
The bad: only works on Mac and Windows. A client software is required.

Choose this one: 1) you are using or would like to use chrome. 2) Easiest setup.
The bad: only works on Mac and Windows inside Google Chrome (a browser name). Poor performance when watching high quality videos.

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