Three Easy Steps

Buy & Go

At BreakWall VPN, it’s simply buy & go. Follow us! Internet freedom is just 5 minutes ahead.

Three easy steps

STEP ONE: Click this button to subscribe to our monthly Medium Plan (monthly data transfer 80GiB).

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STEP TWO: Receive your VPN username and password in your email a few seconds later.

STEP THREE: Follow the clear and easy steps in your email to set up your device (check out our set up wizard!) and you are ready to go! If you don’t bother to set up your device, we can provide you remote assistance for free. Just take a short break and we will take care of everything.

Windows users can also use our Client software: no need to set up. Just type in your username and password and click Connect.

After you are connected, you will be able to access facebook or any blocked sites using your browser.

Expect more steps? Sorry to disappoint you:-)

We do offer different plans and discounts.
After you have your VPN account, you can change your password, recover your lost accounts and check your data transfer here.

We hope our service is not disappointing.